Sculpture by Bouke de Vries

The National Museum of Norway Purchase ‘Memory Vessel XLIV’ by Bouke de Vries

We are delighted to announce that the National Museum of Norway have purchased ‘Memory Vessel XLIV’ by Bouke de Vries. It is made of Contemporary glass following the original form of its contents; the collected remains of an early 17th century Italian Majolica earthenware jar. The National Museum of Norway is due to re-open in 2020. […]

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Ceramic sculpture by Bouke de Vries

Bouke de Vries’s Memory Tobacco Jar VII, 2015 & Memory Vessel XXX, 2015 acquired by the Peabody Essex Museum

This ‘Memory Vessel’ is made of an eighteenth century Delft drug jar with fragments from clay pipes.  Memory Vessel XXX contains the collected remains of a 17th-18th century Kangxi Chinese Vase and cover.

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