‘Uncontrollable Beauty; Cloud’ by Junko Mori acquired by The Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

February 2024

‘Uncontrollable Beauty; Cloud’ by Junko Mori has been acquired by and is now on display at Mint Museum Charlotte, in North Carolina.

“Clouds have held an endless fascination for me; their constant changes, lightness and vast volume. In contrast, metal appears to have almost the opposite characteristics – rigidity, heaviness, and great density. In 2011, I set aside a week to experiment with silver by concentrating on the ethereal quality of lightness, the essence of clouds. I began by assembling the thinnest components pierced with tiny holes to create a feeling of delicacy and lightness and as my ideas developed, the first “Cloud” sculpture took form. The idea was further refined in “Uncontrollable Beauty; Cloud, 2022”, where the interior shadows appear to stretch like our infinite imaginations.”