Vases and Vessels

International stylist Gianluca Longo has curated a new exhibition at David Gill Gallery called ‘Vases and Vessels’ which celebrates both the functionality and decorative nature of the traditional vase.   Amongst the group of talented international contemporary artists on exhibition, we are delighted that Gianluca has selected Felicity Aylieff and Kate Malone’s work. Felicity’s monumental and domestic size work, made and designed in the Chinese tradition and Kate’s unique, naturalistic pots are positioned throughout the gallery and look incredible within this light and airy gallery space.

“I have always been obsessed with vases, especially decorative vases because they can be highly decorative as well as functional. They are like sculptures, but are more versatile in that they can transform tremendously depending on the flowers you choose. At Vases & Vessels, there are the best examples of contemporary Venetian glassware today and ceramics from both established and younger artists.” – Gianluca Longo

The exhibition can be seen from 22nd November – 5th December 2017

David Gill Gallery, 2-4 King Street, SW1Y 6QP

All images courtesy of David Gill Gallery