Vezzini & Chen at Design Miami

We visited Vezzini and Chen’s studio in East London to learn more about their new collection of lights, created especially for Design Miami 2023.

“We are really excited to be able to share our ‘By-the-Wind Sailor’ collection this year at Design Miami. By-the-Wind Sailors are jellyfish-like creatures that live on the surface of the ocean, moving with tiny sails. The striking blue colour and structure of these creatures was the starting point of these works.

“We like the idea of enlarging and recreating small, beautiful details we’ve found in nature and to encourage the viewer to take the time to appreciate the beauty of these details and in this case, maybe take the time to think about the ocean and why we should protect it

“We have been working together for over 10 years now; we found a great synergy working together. Stan is inspired by the soft line of organic shapes, while I have a particular interest in texture, and microscopic natural details.”

The artists will be on our stand during the fair.

Design Miami, 5—10 December 2023. Click here to view the full selection of works on display.

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