Koichi Io

“Can the traditional craft techniques become a methodology for contemporary aesthetics? This question has been the core of my studio practice.”

Working with the traditional Japanese methods of hammer-raising and colour patination, Koichi aims to re-interpret and re-define these techniques through his work in modern times.

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Born and raised in a metalsmith family, Koichi has found his own artistic identity. Hammer-raising itself is a basic method of metal forming with 4000 years of history, but he applies the process to form the interior and exterior at the same time, with each work formed from a single sheet of metal.

Working in Tokyo, Japan

2005-2009   Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan, BA Fine Art
2010-2012   College of Fine Art, Seoul National University, Korea, MA Study

Koichi Io has work in the following Public Collections:

The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Cheongju Museum of Art, South Korea
National Museum of Asian Art Smithsonian, Washington, USA

Works for Sale