Works of art illustrated in the ‘for sale’ sections on this site are offered subject to availability. We may stock more items than are shown on the website and welcome enquiries about items that you may be interested in but have not seen on this site. Certain artists may work to commission, so should the work you are interested in be sold, do enquire as it may be possible to commission something similar.

Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment to view our works. Some works may be off-site, either at a fair or exhibition, so it is best to speak with us first to ensure we can have the pieces here that you wish to view. Alternatively, we are able to make arrangements to view items even though collectors may not be able to visit London, as we exhibit at fairs worldwide throughout the year.

Payment can be made in a number of forms, including bank transfer, cheque, and credit card. We can arrange shipping and insurance to all parts of the world.



Antique 18th Century Vincennes and Sèvres Porcelain

We are keen to purchase porcelain that relates to objects on this website. If you are interested in offering works of art, please email us, and include images of your pieces in your email to us.

Almost daily we are offered ‘18th Century Sèvres Porcelain’ that does not look like anything on this website. Often, such pieces are ‘signed’ by artists and we advise checking the authoritative Sèvres Workmen’s List from the French Porcelain Society’s website. If the artist is not listed there, we are unlikely to be interested in such an object.

Contemporary Works of Art

We primarily deal in newly-made works of art in this category, though we are happy to be offered high-quality works of art by artists that we represent. If you have made purchases from us in the past, we will do our best to assist you in selling works of art. Please email us, and also email images of your pieces to us.

We are often able to help arrange sales of works of art at auction, and to find other purchasers.