After Saly III, 2018

Unique object made by Additive Layer Manufacturing from a high-quality nylon material with a soft mineral coating

Height 42cm (16 1/2")
Width 30cm (11 3/4")
Depth 23cm (9")


Private Collection, Los Angeles, 2019


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More about After Saly III, 2018

Jacques Saly was an 18th century French sculptor who, whilst working in France, Denmark, Italy and Malta, also created a number of drawings and prints of fantasy vases (vases inventés). He was a close friend of Giovanni Piranesi, an Italian sculptor and artist who was also known for his imaginary compositions, such as his Prisons series. After Saly III is inspired by Saly’s etching, Vase with Lion Heads, which I found in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Waddesdon Manor also has a number of Saly vases inventés drawings and watercolours in its collection. I have replaced the lions with seashell handles, derived from a 3D scan that I downloaded from an online catalogue. The central vase section features a swirling mass of rococo motifs, drawn by hand using 3D CAD software, which enables 2D line drawings to be translated into 3 dimensional structures. The drawing process required numerous iterations and after the intense and time consuming development of the design the data was then checked and sliced into thousands of 0.08mm layers by specialist software and the piece was 3D printed, slowly building each layer of material, in this particular case, nylon, until the piece was complete. Michael Eden 2018

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