Legacy in an Eggshell, 2016

Hand-cut paper

Framed dimensions:
Height 171cm
Width 116.5cm


Private Collection, Los Angeles, 2016


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More about Legacy in an Eggshell, 2016

Bit Vejle is a Danish psaligraphic artist (an artist who draws with scissors) who creates incredibly intricate, fine papercuts on a grand scale. Her arresting imagery is not only beautiful, but also draws on the rich tradition of story-telling in Scandinavian culture – as evidenced in the tales of Hans Christian Andersen. The majority of her works are unique and cut with scissors by hand over many months. A tiny owl uplifts a solid ancient frame. In front of the endless universe, in a second of infinity, the frame captures a nest with tree eggs. The tree eggs seem identical, but they are not. The first egg is spineless and indifferent. The second egg is the wealth of a diamond. The third egg is the wisdom of the elephant. The diamond will not last forever. It will eventually disappear as dust. The wise elephant however, will use his mighty memory, spending the whole life continuing knowledge and love to future generations. Which egg will you choose for your legacy? It is easy, isn't it? – Anything else is rubbish!

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