Propagation Project; Kelp Forest, 2017

Forged mild steel, wax-coated


Height 92cm (36 1/4")
Width 70cm (27 1/2")
Depth 45cm (17 3/4")


Private Collection, Canada, 2017


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More about Propagation Project; Kelp Forest, 2017

Junko Mori was inspired by the ecodiversity of kelp forests, and the fact that they provide safe accommodation for many small marine creatures. Like the tree on the land offers protection from the storm, so too does kelp offer habitation and security in the ocean. Junko used elements from her existing series, Spring Fever, to create this work using 31 various forged mild steel components. The number 31 represents the number of syllables in a tanka, an ancient Japanese poetry form, slightly longer than the haiku, which has 17 syllables. This extension and increased complexity challenged Mori to create a new work that could be larger in scale and more chaotic in its aesthetic.