Tempus, 2013

Made by Additive Layer Manufacturing from a high quality nylon material with mineral soft coating

Height 20cm (7 7/8")
Width 42cm (16 1/2")
Depth 42.5cm (16 3/4")


Private Collection, USA, 2013


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More about Tempus, 2013

'The Tempus was inspired by my interest in the cultural role that architecture plays in society. Buildings are more than just stone or steel, slate or glass, they have meaning beyond the physical. They make statements, reflect their creator’s personality and polarise opinion. Based on C19th architectural models, the Tempus is a hybridisation of historical architecture, demonstrating that the contemporary can be found in the past. The entrances were based on a Norman arch at Lindisfarne Priory and a Neo-Renaissance architectural detail from Salt’s Mill in Bradford, UK. My practice focuses on the creative use of 3D printing and the transfer of my ceramic skills to new tools that allow me to create ‘impossible’ objects for the first time. It was created using Computer Aided Design software (CAD), a process that took many hours of intense work and once satisfied with the form, the CAD files were used to print the piece, slowly, layer by layer.' - Michael Eden

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