Chatsworth House commissions Sowing Colour, 2016 – 2018 by Natasha Daintry

Sowing Colour, is made up of 237 porcelain pots; each are slip-cast and hand-modelled. It is the largest commission of Natasha Daintry’s career to date and it perfectly compliments the grand setting of Chatsworth House.

Natasha Daintry says:

“Tiny coloured pots grow monumentally and embody the dramatic and dynamic progression of Fibonacci’s mathematical sequence. The piece is about order and increase, as well as fugitive colour and the pyroplasticity of porcelain.

Sow references Fibonacci and the various observations of his sequence in plants and nature, while implying starting something small and seeing how it grows, without total control. This has been my experience of making the piece since it’s grown organically and surprisingly and feels a little alive.  I’ve been tending these pots but they have a life of their own, especially in their colour relationship with each other and how the heat in the kiln has made them move in different ways.”

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