A Sèvres Porcelain Tray, circa 1760-65

This and other pieces in the present display are decorated with the blue and gold trelliswork borders referred to in the Sèvres factory’s archives as ‘mosaïque‘ decoration.  The most famous use of this pattern at Sèvres was on a large and lavish dinner service presented by Louis XV to Karl-Theodor, the Elector Palatine in 1760.  This remains today mainly in the former Bavarian royal collections in the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum and in the Residenzmuseums, both in Munich and the main painted reserves are decorated with scenes or birds in landscapes.

Other services were made at Sèvres with mosaïque decoration with flowers painted in all of the reserves.  These were delivered in August 1761 to the Comte de Châtelet [Peters 61-3]; in November 1761 to the dealer Claude Bonnet [Peters 61-5]; in June 1762 to the Comte, later Duc, de Choiseul-Praslin [Peters 62-1] and in December 1767 to an un-identified purchaser [Peters 67-4].

Height 3.8cm
Width 24.1cm
Depth 15.3cm


Private Collection, London, 1990s. Private Collection, Athens, 2000s.

£ 5,250


£ $