A Soft-Paste Sèvres Porcelain Tray, 1762

This tray with a pierced rim (plateau carré à jour, 3rd size) would probably have been sold with a matching cup and saucer.  It has the factory mark and the date letter I for 1762.

The camaieu decoration is taken from Le Feu, one of a set of engravings of the Four Elements by Jean Daullé after François Boucher.  Publication of the set was announced in the Mercure de France in August 1748.  It is clear that the factory owned this set as it was used for other pieces, such as parts of a tea service in the Wallace Collection (vol. II, p. 609).

From the outstanding Galliers-Pratt collection of French soft-paste porcelain, Mawley Hall, Shropshire, UK, throughout much of the 20th century.


£ 5,850


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