A Soft-Paste Sèvres Porcelain Cup & Saucer, 1789

With the factory mark in blue enclosing the date letters mm for 1789; adjacent painter’s mark P, for Jean-Jacques Pierre, known as Pierre jeune (active 1763-1800) and gilder’s mark Vd for Pierre-Jean-Baptiste Vandé, known as Vandé fils (active 1779-1800, 1802-24).

This is a gobelet Litron et soucoupe of the second size.

Pierre Jeune’s name does not appear in the artists’ ledgers in 1789. This means that he was paid only on piecework at this time. Unfortunately the overtime and piecework records are also missing for this date.

Height 6.5cm
Diameter 13.3cm


£ 5,400


£ $