A Soft-Paste Sèvres Porcelain Sugar Bowl and Cover, circa 1766-70

This pot à sucre Calabre is un-marked.

A dessert service of this pattern but without the gold dot ground was purchased in December 1766 by the Marquis de Durfort-Civrac, later Duc de Civrac, when he left for Austria to become French ambassador in Vienna [Peters 66-5].

The factory’s piecework and overtime ledgers record that in 1767, the painter Charles-Louis Méreaud painted a quantity of teawares with decoration of ‘service Durfort sablé d’or’. It is likely that our teapot was part of this group.

Height 9.8cm


From the distinguished collection of the late Dr. Johannes Lafrenz, Munich, Germany.

£ 3,600


£ $