A Soft-Paste Sèvres Porcelain Plate, made for the Comtesse de Provence’s use at Versailles, 1783

With the factory mark in blue enclosing the date letters ff for 1783, adjacent painter’s mark for Jacques-François-Louis de Laroche (active at Sèvres 1758-1801), gilder’s mark # for Michel-Barnabé Chauvaux (active at Vincennes and Sèvres 1752-1788).

From a dinner service with decoration described as ‘petites fleurs et cartels’ purchased by the Comtesse de Provence, a sister-in-law of Louis XVI, at the December sale at Versailles in 1783.  It may have been a specific order as it is described in some artist ledger entries as ‘service pour Versailles’. There were 48 plates costing 30 livres each.

A small number of components are known today, the largest group being the 24 plates bought by Adrian Sassoon in 1995 from the significant von Panwitz collection, from which this comes.  We sold four of them to the Museum of the Château de Versailles in 1996 and they also own two compotiers ovales and a seau à glace from this service.

A compotier carré [94.4.135] and a compotier ovale [02.6.184] (a square and an oval dish) are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York’s collections, rather remarkably given to the museum respectively in 1894 and 1902.

Height 3cm
Diameter 24cm


Private Collection, London, 2023